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Fun facts

Pronounced “Vee-See-Aye”, the origin of our name comes from the epic quote by Julias Caeser: “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered) We used this idea to create our own word VICIA, which we translate as “the act of conquering”.

Before going into manufacturing, we made 5 different hand-made flavors of the bar: Maple Bar, Chocolate covered Strawberry, Coconutty, Acai, Chocolate Almond Crunch.

When we were still making bars by hand, we started getting local recognition from radio shows to local magazines, and even a live T.V. interview on Good Day Sacramento.

VICIA (Vee-See-Aye) is defined by the founders of the company as “The Act of Conquering”. This word has proven to be more than just a name; it describes the essential spirit of the company that it belongs to.

Founded by longtime friends and Lodi, CA residents Nathan Flood, Jerry Patterson, and Gabe DeAnda, the VICIA Energy Bar was developed, like so many of history’s greatest innovations, out of necessity. As they trained for Ultra-Marathons, they found many of the bars available on the market were packed with unnecessary artificial ingredients, and tasted like cardboard. The team’s answer to filling this void was to creating their own product that had superior ingredients, and amazing taste and texture. Their new creation made appearances at the Lodi Farmer’s Market and was shared with friends and fitness enthusiasts in the local community. Soon, orders began to flood in, and the team realized they had to ramp up production to meet the growing demand.

Starting from humble beginnings in a small Lodi apartment kitchen, the team has begun placing product on shelves of gyms, cafes and other local retailers. Much like the Ultra-Marathons they run, the journey has been long and grueling, but they are continuously conquering any obstacle that stands in their way.

The team is extremely excited as they launch their full product line of bars: Almond Noir, Coconutty, and Cafe Mocha to be placed on the shelves of major grocery chains.

From the smallest task to the greatest obstacle,  VICIA Energy Bar will give you the fuel you need to Conquer Your Day!

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